STANLEY® 5 Piece Slim VDE Screwdrivers (PH)

STANLEY® 5 Piece Slim VDE Screwdrivers (PH)

  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY: +100% longer tip life* compared to equivalent STANLEY® CUSHION GRIP™ Screwdriver. CNC precision-machined tip ensures optimum dimensional fit, accuracy and control, plus reduced risk of cam out
  • VDE CERTIFIED: Part of the STANLEY® FATMAX® VDE Screwdriver Range certified by the VDE Institute for applications up to 1,000V
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Heavy-duty plastic sheath insulation runs the full length of the bar to protect the user from live current
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Product Overview

Developed and manufactured to exact specifications at the STANLEY® production facility at Arbois, France, the STANLEY® FATMAX® 5 Piece Slim VDE Screwdriver Set is part of the company’s high-performance professional VDE-certified screwdriver range, featuring a heavily insulated construction designed specifically for service work around high voltage applications. Each screwdriver is approved by the VDE Institute for use in applications up to 1,000V. Constructed from heavy-duty carbon silicon steel for added strength, performance and extensive product life, these robust and reliable electrician’s tools deliver +100% longer tip life*. The tip has been hardened, sand-blasted and treated with a black phosphate coating. It has also been CNC precision-machined for a highly accurate head-to-fastener fit.

Additional Features

  • VDE COMPLIANT: Industry-recognised red handle easily identifies the tool as VDE compliant. Suitable for use by professional electricians
  • MADE IN FRANCE: Manufactured at the STANLEY® Arbois plant in France to the highest production standards and professional specifications
  • CNC PRECISION-MACHINED TIP: Ensures optimum dimensional fit, accuracy and control, plus reduced risk of cam out
  • LONG PRODUCT LIFE: Black phosphate coating on the tip delivers exceptionally long working life
  • STRONG AND RELIABLE: Handle moulded directly to the bar in a virtually unbreakable bond, delivering outstanding reliability
  • EXCELLENT TORQUE: Large diameter tri-material handle provides excellent torque for driving wood screws
  • NARROW WAIST: Enables fast spinning action and control
  • SOFT-GRIP HANDLE: Handle coating ensures optimum grip and reduces fatigue
  • CLEAR LABELLING: Allows users to select the correct screwdriver for each job
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE: 1,000V A.C. insulation - tested to EN IEC 60900:2018
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: Extremely tough Polyamide blade insulation sleeve makes it resistant to impact at -25 degrees centigrade and ensures increased abrasion resistance and reduced moisture absorption
  • INDIVIDUALLY TESTED: Tested to 10,000 Volts
  • TETHERING HOLE: Integrated into the handle, ensuring tools are never mislaid or dropped, plus additional safety for users when working at heights
  • INCLUDES: Phillips / Parallel 3.5mm x 75mm, 5.5mm x 150mm + Tester
  • *On Average Vs STANLEY CUSHION GRIP™ Screwdriver (PH2): 65-224 Vs 64-941


  • (4) Phillips / Parallel 3.5mm x 75mm, 5.5mm x 150mm
  • (1) Tester


Number of Pieces
Product Height
42 mm
Product Length
290 mm
Product Weight
360 g
Product Weight Gross
360 g
Product Width
144 mm



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