Quicker Snaps For Sharper Cuts

STANLEY® unveils The New And Improved snap Knife For A Fast, Clean, Safe Blade Snap Every Time.

  • STANLEY® FATMAX® 18mm Snap Knife available with thumbwheel or slide lock function
  • The first knife of its kind with patented blade snap feature for safe, easy one-handed use
  • Always have a sharp tool ready –no downtime removing and changing blades
  • Intuitive mechanism makes snapping the blade quick, efficient and simple
  • Practical and convenient: no need to use a secondary tool to breakoff the blade
  • Integral magnet retains the unwanted blunt segment for fast and secure disposal
  • Onboard indelible snap line marker allows for accurate, clean blade snap every time
  • Compact size and ergonomically designed for optimum weight and balance
  • Bi-material handle ensures maximum grip, comfort and safety - perfect for repetitive cutting

STANLEY® has revealed an innovative new concept in its famous snap knife range: the new STANLEY FATMAX® 18mm Snap Knife. Available in a choice of two 18mm models with either a thumbwheel lock or slide lock function, the new Snap Knife features a patented, self-snapping blade mechanism that ensures trade professionals always have a sharp tool ready at hand.

Thanks to this revolutionary design, there is no need to use a secondary tool to break and remove the blade - the action can be carried out hassle-free using one hand, quickly, easily and safely. Once the blade has been snapped, an integrated magnet catches the discarded portion, safeguarding the user’s hands and permitting secure and convenient disposal.

For added practicality and a precise and clean blade snap, STANLEY has incorporated an on-board indelible snap line indicator. When the blade loses sharpness, the user simply aligns the end of the blade with this marker, presses the lock button forward, then pushes the snap mechanism in a clockwise direction. The blade snaps off cleanly and efficiently, and the magnet retains the old blade. The tool is then ready and able to perform its next task.

Ergonomically-engineered to be compact and lightweight, the versatile STANLEY FATMAX Snap Knife has been optimised for perfect balance, precision and control. Built for rigorous everyday use, the blade barrel is manufactured to the highest quality standards from hard-wearing stainless steel, delivering exceptional durability and longevity. Furthermore, the product has has been thoroughly assessed and drop-tested to 2.1m for impact resistance.

Providing maximum comfort, while minimising the risk of slippage, the handle has been encased with a rugged bi-material coating, enabling ultimate grip and making it ideal for repetitive cutting applications.

Available in two distinct options, the 18mm Integrated Snap Knife features either a thumbwheel lock (FMHT10592-0) or slide lock (FMHT10594-0), both allowing quick and intuitive blade depth setting.

For professionals working at height, each knife includes a strong tether loop for secure storage when the product is not in use, and ensures the tool cannot be accidentally dropped or lost.

Further information about the STANLEY FATMAX Snap Knife range can be found here.


STANLEY has set the precedent for quality tools and engineered solutions for professionals around the globe for more than 175 years. With a legacy of reliability, STANLEY is the No. 1 tapes manufacturer in the world and continues to drive the industry forward with innovations including the STANLEY FATMAX product line as well as hand tools, power tools, storage and accessories that make life easier. For more information visit our support page.